Saturday, October 30, 2010

What did we do before Text Messaging?

Seriously. I was wondering this the other day - well, actually the other night.

Russ: Hey stud. How's the week?
Me: Good, yours?
Russ: Not bad. Got plans later?
Me: Dinner about 4 blocks from your place at 7:30.
Russ: Good. You can be my dessert at 9.

And, with that I found myself on his doorstep at 9, and thankful for my unlimited text messaging plan. Dressed from a work dinner, I arrived at his place to find him in sweatpants and nothing else. His hairy chest gets me weak in the knees every time. We've had sex at least a few dozen times, but he is one that I never tire of.

He pinned me against the wall and started making out with me, devouring my face. I could feel his cock getting hard in his sweatpants, but not sticking out. I excused myself to pee, but as I was standing in front of the toilet, I felt his warm mouth lapping at my hole. It's nearly impossible to piss when you have a tongue on your ass, but I managed to do it. We continued to make out and stumble around his apartment back to the bed. He pushed me face down, pants around my ankles, and ate my hole. My cock was ROCK hard at this point, and I was definitely in the mood for more than the quick oral I had gotten my day started with. (He, too, sent me a text message that evening looking for a repeat......hmmm....get fucked or get head.....I'll get fucked, everytime.)

Russ got rid of his sweatpants and made me worship his cock through his 2xist briefs. He wouldn't let me pull out his cock. What the fuck?!  Then, he sat on my face, putting all of his weight on it. I could hardly breathe, but as he did this, he grabbed my hands, and I felt cold leather wrap around my wrists. FUCK! He was tying me to the bedpost. Resistance was futile, this fucker is stronger than me, and why would I resist anyway?

He smiled deviously, spat on my hole and shoved his briefs in my mouth. He knows me well - when I get fucked hard I tend to get loud. He greased his rigid cock, my ass and slowly entered me. As his cock entered me, his eyes rolled into the back of his did mine. He feels fucking great.

Ever the considerate top, he slowly worked my ass over to warm me up. After about 5 minutes, I wondered when he was going to attack. Then, without warning, he placed a hand over my mouth to hold his briefs in my mouth and the assault began. For the next 20 minutes it was as if my ass was locked into a piston-fuck machine. I had tears forming in my eyes. My ass was on fire. He removed his underwear, and began to make out with me as he slowly and tenderly moved his cock in and out of my now well used and abused hole. "Good boy, good boy" he kept moaning as he moved his cock in me. Wait....suddenly I's gliding. There is more than lube up there.....

The look must have run across my face, as he said, "Yes, have 2 loads up there it's time for the third." He unlocked my wrists, and got on his back, "Ride me boy...."

I got on top of him, and in the mirror next to his bed, could finally see his cumslicked cock. I started riding him slowly, enjoying the feeling of my hole being full again. As I picked up the pace, I felt my own load boiling in my balls.......Russ sensed this......grabbed my cock and started stroking. Pretty soon, 6 thick shots of cum came flying out of my cock across his chest. "Good boy, now finish me off...." and with that, Russ grabbed me by the hips and used me like a human fleshlight. No more than a minute later, I felt him tense, he groaned, and my ass got sloppier.

Some making out, some cuddling, and he passed out. I left quietly, knowing that he gets up earlier than me in the morning. I woke up in my own bed, a puddle under my ass, and this text message:

Russ: Can you feel me now?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Morning surprise

This morning, I logged into A4A to check mail. A headless cock shot hit me up. Now, on other sites, I have headless profiles. For some reason, A4A is the one that I have my face on. Go figure.  Anyway, nice enough dick on a 32 yo WM, 5'9 145 br/br. OK, this could work.

Him: Are you discreet?
Me:  Of course. (Note to reader: Yes, I'll blog about it, but I'm not using his pictures or name. Come on.)
Him: You hung?
Me: More than you. You want to suck it?
Him: Yeah, can u be here in 20? ***Address***
Me: 15.
Him: 20. I need to shower.
Me: 15. I need to get to work. Don't do your hair. I'm out the door.

I mean, for Chrissake - if we're talking about you sucking my cock, I don't know what kind of 20 minute prep you could possibly need.

I arrive and realize that I had been to this place before. About 2 years ago, a buddy of mine and I got head from this guy. I couldn't remember much beyond that. As I ascended the stairs behind him, I noticed his cute ass in his soccer shorts. I wanted some of that....

We started on the couch, when he exclaimed, "Fuck, you're cuter than your profile."  Stroke my cock, son, not my ego. Anyway....he suggested we move into a 69. I have to say, he gives pretty fuckin' good head. His cock is perfectly average - good length, good girth, and a little hood on it. Not much foreskin, but enough to be fun to play with.

I'm physically stronger than him, so I pulled him on top of me in the 69 position and then dove face first into his hairy ass. He feigned resistance but ultimately started fucking himself on my tongue. "You can't fuck me .... today."  No problem, boy....I'll be back for that.

Needing to get to work, I laid on my back and let him suck me to orgasm. For some reason he didn't want to I did my best to spray his face instead. Got some in his eye. He'll learn....swallowing is best.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Cop

It's all about being at the right place at the right time. I was at an event for work, and a local cop walks in. I've met him and his partner (domestic) before, and always thought the cop was way hotter than his milquetoast partner. I noticed him locking eyes with me in a less than platonic way - could he be cruising me at a work event - while wearing his uniform? How lucky does a guy get? 

As I left the event, he gave me a hug and slipped his phone number in my ass pocket. Interesting, unanticipated.

I sent him a text a few days later, so as not to be too interested in someone elses husband. We had a few innocent texts, but then:

Cop: So, when are you slamming that hot cock in my hole?
Me: 30 minutes, be at my place.
Cop: Can't today. Tomorrow, after work.
Me: OK.

The next day came, and so did we. Twice each. And many more times since.

Fast forward to today. Cop texts me:

Cop: My hole needs to be abused.
Me: Duh.
Cop: No, I mean, I need your cock.
Me: Duh.
Cop: Fucker. I mean, I need your cock in me NOW.

Bingo. 15 minutes later, his cop car was parked outside my place. He walked in, full uniform, and proceeded up the stairs. His hot hairy ass looks great in his tight police pants. How his partner doesnt fuck him senseless is beyond me, but he claims not to get any at home. His dick is totally unimpressive - shy of average - but his ass - is pure perfection. Dusting of hair, tight, hairy.

I didn't let him get all the way up the stairs before I playfully shoved him and he took the hint. There was no need for romance. If he wanted abuse, I was ready to show him abuse. He took the hint and undid his belt. As his ass was first exposed in his white briefs (hot on him), I pulled them down and spit on his hole. On the landing of the stairs, there he was, doggy style, his uniform around his ankles, shirt still on.

I continued to spit soak his hole, and applied some to my cock. He's got a great tight hole, but it always stretches right open. Today was no exception - he took it like a fucking champ. His cock got hard, but as always I paid no attention to it. No need. I pound away at his hole, grabbing him by his hips, unconcerned that he's getting rug burn on his knees that he'll need to explain.

As I feel my load building in my balls, I place my right hand over his mouth and begin the true assault on his hole. He moans into my hand and grips the floor for dear life. As hard as I get fucked, I fuck even harder. I could feel his balls swing back against mine, and as he bit my hand, I went over the edge and dumped a load in his hole.

Full of my cum, his breathing resumed to normal and I pulled my cock out of him with a plop sound. He lifted his white briefs up, closed his pants, and proceeded down the stairs he never fully ascended.

Two hours later I get this text:

Cop: How the fuck am I going to explain the spooge in the ass of these briefs?
Me: I don't know. Why did you abort my children?
Cop: Asshole.

Maybe I am, but I'm damn funny......and he keeps coming back for more.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I like guys that are straight to the point

The other night, I was on Manhunt, and had this exchange with a FB:

Him:  You looked good the other night at {XX} (local leather bar)
Me: Thanks. Didn't even see you.
Him: I saw you. Put on the harness and be ready for a breeding in 45 minutes.
Me: Yes sir.
Him: Unlock your door, be face down, ass up.
Me: Yes sir.

Don't we all wish everyone was so forthright? Got me instantly hard. I should tell you about B. He's 24, 5'10" and about 200# of former HS and College Football player. Not fat at all - just a solid piece of boy/man. Has a total dominant streak about him, and loves eating my hairy ass before breeding it. His dick is nice and thick, too, nothing too long, but always stretches me out good.

I cleaned up, threw on the harness and waited to hear the door open. Exactly 45 minutes after our email exchange, there opened the door, and I heard his steady footsteps coming upstairs. He came into the dimly lit bedroom, blinds open into the courtyard of my complex, and let out a gutteral moan of appreciation for my ass in the air. I heard his zipper go down at the same time as I felt a tongue on my hole. As he was eating me, getting me good and wet, he slapped my ass so hard I jumped off the bed in shock. He laughed - not a ha-ha laugh, a your ass is mine laugh. We all know that laugh.

He pushed my face into the mattress and grabbed the gun oil and got his cock slicked. B didn't want head, he wanted hole. More precisely - he wanted MY hole. As he slid his cock into my hole, he held it just after the mushroom head went in. He slapped the back of my head playfully and said, "Back up on it, fucker."  Not one to disappoint, I buried myself onto his hard fuckstick. He grabbed the reigns of my harness, and began to slowly move in and out, using my own body as leverage. It's a fucking HOT experience if you haven't had it. I took a huge hit of poppers and got ready for what I needed.

Wanting a good ass pounding, I knew exactly what to say to get him: "I thought you came here to fuck." It works every time. That's what's good about repeats: You get what you want. No sooner did the words come out of my mouth than he pushed my head into the mattress again and with the other hand took hold of my harness. He began pounding my ass so hard the headboard was banging against the wall, making a loud thud with every stroke. PERFECT.

Him: "Do you want my load, fuckhole?"
Me: "I want my ass fucked by a man. Know one?"

Again, it's like playing a fiddle. He pulled me to the edge of the bed, stood on the ground and began pounding me like there was no tomorrow. With him there is no romance. I could feel his thick cock get thicker, and knew that he was getting ready to cum.

Him: "Clamp down, don't fucking lose a drop."

Always one to please, I began to milk his cock.

Him: "Good it cums....."

And he let out a gutteral moan that filled the room along with the sweat and smell of man sex. I felt 8 blasts in my hole. I never had the opportunity to touch my cock. That's what he's into. I turned back to see an appreciative grin on his face. He never even took off his shirt or shoes. 15 minutes after he arrived, he left.

The next morning, I had an email:

"Hot fucking hole. Good job, bitch."

And there it was. Straight to the point. For him, I'm the bitch.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No pretense

I've known Russ for about a year. I met him on Adam4Adam and was at his place an hour later with my ass in the air. There was no pretense. I was there to get fucked. He was there to do the fucking. Late 30s, hairy, about 5'7" and muscular, he is in the military reserves outside of his day job at a major bank. He's like me in that way - you'd never know he's a sex pig behind closed doors.

Walking up to his place last night, I was waiting to be buzzed in when a large woman buzzed herself in ahead of me. She let me in, actually acknowledging, "You don't look like trouble." If only she knew that as I got off the elevator on the 7th floor and she continued to the 8th, that I would, indeed, be trouble. We exchanged pleasantries as I padded down the cement corridor to Russ' door. I knocked, the door cracked open and I walked in.

Behind the door, there stood Russ wearing black briefs. He likes briefs, I'm more of a commando or jock fan, but on him they work. His camouflage hung in his open closet next to his suits. He approached me, pulling me into a kiss. One thing Russ is - intense. The kiss made me weak. I could feel my hole twitch in anticipation, as he reached under my t-shirt to tug on my nipple. The tug was purposeful - he knows my nips are hardwired to my cock, which grew under my shorts. He grabbed me by the cock, still under the sheath of my shorts and drew me to his bed, throwing me facedown.

As he pulled my shorts down, my hairy bubble ass met the cold air conditioned air. It was quickly covered by Russ' hairy chest, rubbing against my ass. I ground into the mattress, my hardon beginning to leak precum all over his sheets. He grabbed me by the hair, his cock under his briefs against my exposed ass, "Your ass is mine, boy...." he hissed into my ear. It was spoken truth: we both knew I was there to get the fuck I had been craving all day.

He moved down my body, licking his way to my hole. Pulling my cheeks apart, he dug his tongue deep into my chute. Spitting, he spent easily ten minutes down there without coming up for air. In the meantime, I was bucking against him, looking over at the visual of him eating my hole in the mirrored wall of closet we were facing. Every time he noticed me looking that way, he would take a hand and push my head back into the mattress. I was there for his pleasure, mine was just a side benefit.

He rolled me over and shoved his cock down my throat. As he did, he slid a finger into my hole. The moan I let out vibrated under his cock, which in turn began to ooze precum. He wasn't there for sucking his cock was just his way of getting wet to get into my hole. He lifted my legs up, spread me like a wishbone and spit on my hole. Rubbing his cock back and forth against my pucker, he had me squirming all over the bed. I was right where he wanted me. Right where I wanted to be.

Without notice, he decided to plow into me, balls deep in one stroke. I'm used to his cock, but the sudden intrusion was still enough to take my breath away momentarily. Russ took pleasure in this and held his cock in place. As I got used to it, he started to rock back and forth, uttering, "That's it boy.....there ya go." He plunged in and out of me with deliberate strokes, taking the time to grab my hair as leverage. Nice touch.

Again without notice, he pulled out suddenly and threw me onto all 4s. He handed me the poppers, and said, "You'll need these." As I took a huff, I felt his cock enter me again, and his hands on both of my hips. The next fifteen minutes are a total blur, a symphonic memory of moans, pleas on my part for him to pound me, and his occasional slap on my ass, saying "That's my boy....take it."

Take it I did. Like a champ. As he pulled out, he laid on his back and gave me the cue. He has a cum fetish. Russ LOVES to be soaked in cum. I was horny, rock hard, and ready to blast my load. I took another huff of poppers and sat on his dick, balls deep in one stroke. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as I fucked myself feverishly on his rigid pole. I felt the familiar tingling in my balls and clenched my ass. That threw me over the edge as I blasted volley after volley of thick cum across his hairy chest. After seven healthy shots, he kept fucking me, and more dribbled out. I knew he hadn't cum. He never cums with me riding him.

He took a handfull of my cum from his chest and slapped my face with it. Demanded I get on the floor and suck his cock clean of my ass juice. I did so willingly. I remained hard as he fucked my face. I felt his cock swell in my mouth - and as much as I wanted his cum, I knew exactly what he was going to do. He pulled out of my mouth and shot his cum into his hands. One hand coated my hole, the other his, and we finished the evening with a hot 69 session eating his cum off of each of our holes. Apparently, that's his favorite part. Who am I to complain?

As I walked out of his building an hour and a half after arriving, the  large woman was walking out with her rather small dog. She said, "Good night," as I walked past her. I smiled back and said, "Yes, it is...." I'm sure she saw the wet spot on my ass.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Airport quickie

I was heading home after a weekend out of town, where I didn't get off. Going through security, I made eye contact with another guy. He was about 6', probably about 190# and I'm guessing early to mid 30s. Handsome face, average to slightly better than average bod. Smiled easily as he played eye games with me.

After he went through security in this airport, I noticed he turned back to me, then walked into the mens room. Bingo.

I walked in, up to the urinal next to him and noticed him playing with a hard cock. He cocked his head to the handicapped stall behind us, zipped up and walked into it. I waited a minute, then followed suit. Horny bastard was on his knees already, stroking his cock. Not one to miss a stroke, I opened the fly of my jeans, and shoved my 8" hard cock down his throat. Giving no indication of a gag reflex, he swallowed every inch I gave him. Just the kind of cocksucker I like. I grabbed his head, and fucked his skull.

He was feverishly jerking his cock, which was average in every sense of the word. Not saying I wouldnt have sucked on it - or let him fuck me - but right now this married guy was my cocksucker. Did I mention that he was wearing a gold band? Oh yeah. Likely on his way out of town for a week of consulting work (I later noticed his big company embroidered bag) having just left his wife and kids for the week. Starting his week of travel with a fresh gut full of cum.

As I started to cum, the cocky asshole in me decided to make this special for him. I came 3 big shots down his throat, then jammed down on my flow. Pulled out of his mouth and let another 2 globs shoot across his button down. Yup, he was going to smell me for the rest of the evening. Maybe the passenger next to him would too.

The look of shock on his face was priceless. So was the string of jizz I left on his cheek when I playfully slapped my deflating cock against his cheek before zipping up.

My flight home was a lot more pleasant, having slightly lighter balls. Hopefully his was too with a slightly fuller gut.

Welcome to the Blog

At the prompting of my online friend, Bike Guy here I am. For background purposes, I should let you know about myself.

I'm a 31 year old white collar professional. I'm the kind of guy that you see walking down the street and think, "He looks like a really nice guy."  What most people are shocked to learn is that behind closed doors I'm a pretty sexual guy. By pretty sexual, I mean I like fucking. HARD. And I like getting fucked. HARD. My view of the world - I better give it as good as I take it.

A few more things - I'm moderately hairy and totally masculine. Not in the crazy overhyped masculine way, but in the guys guy, real world way. You'll pick up on that in my posts.

Feel free to email me questions. I'll put up a formspring thing too at some point. If you find something that gets you boned, gets you off - let me know. That'll keep me posting.