Monday, November 29, 2010

Return of the morning big dick

Observation: When guys say that size doesn't matter, they've clearly not had the pleasure of servicing a large cock on a guy who knows what he's doing with it.  Not to say that average and some slightly less than average guys dont have skill on their side, but large dicks can just hit a spot....mmmm.

You'll remember my previous encounter with this guy. He's got a great dick and is just downright fun in bed. This evening I came home from work, and within 5 exchanges on A4A, I was headed for the bathroom to clean out my ass. An hour after our first ping, I was ringing his doorbell.

He answered the door, sagging shorts, freshly buzzed head. Damn. Instant woody. As I followed him upstairs, I noticed his cute butt. Damn. I wanted in there. But, I was here to get fucked.

We began making out and pretty soon clothes were a mixed pile on the floor. He's geeky hot - the kind of guy that has absolutely NO clue how hot he is. Bit of fuzz between his pecs, nice little happy trail, and THAT DICK......the picture does him no justice.

I was swallowing his cock down to the root and he grabbed me by the hair.....moaned....started bucking into my face....then threw me on my back and swallowed my cock down to the root. It's amazing. I always forget the good cocksuckers. Bad ones stick in my mind as those to be avoided. The good ones...I suppose I should pay more attention. Finally, he came up for air, we made out and he threw my legs over his shoulders and began teasing my hole with his pulsing hard cock. When I say hard - take the nearest piece of wood furniture and try to bend it. That fucking hard.

I managed to push his 6'2" frame onto his back and began rubbing my hole against his cock. He grabbed my cock, the lube, and began applying lube to my cock as I teased my hole with his cock. What happened next was a total surprise....

"I need your cock in me."
"Then take it."

Yeah, you figured I was bottoming, right? Well, he decided that he wanted my cock in his hot hole. With the lube applied to my cock, he threw me on my own back and climbed on me. He lowered himself down onto my throbbing cock, inch by inch. His eyes rolled into the back of his head. He rode me like this for about 3 minutes until he said, "I don't know how you do it. Fuck......I need in you. Now."

He hopped off in one motion, which made him fall onto his back. Hysterical. I mean, when you see a hot man literally lose control and land on his back coming off your cock.....nothing better than that. Anyway, I greased his pole and straddled his chest. He pulled me in for a kiss and pushed his cock up against my hole. I broke the kiss as he pushed through my pucker - he pushed the air right out of my lungs. He got the goofy grin that a kid does when he finds the cookie jar. I sat back and sank onto his cock. My moan should have been heard for miles around.

I began grinding my hole against his pubes, enjoying feeling his cock deep in me. I felt the cum just oozing out of my cock and began rocking back and forth in earnest. This gave him the signal to grab my hips and pound me. I placed my hand against the top of his head, let my cock leak all over his treasure trail, and leaned in for a kiss. We made out, and I felt him begin to grow in my hole. Without any commentary, I felt his cock pulse a thick load of cum into me. He kept fucking, his cock slicking in and out of my hole with a bit more ease. This kept up....his cock was NOT going to deflate.

"I want you on your side."

As he began to fuck me from behind, playing with my chest hair, my left leg arched in the air, I felt his cock begin to grow AGAIN. No less than 3 minutes into this second round.

He pulled out suddenly and a string of cum came with his cock. He straddled over me and grunted, his head falling back, as he shot lob after lob - at least 7 strong lobs - of THICK cum across my chest. That was enough to push me over the edge, and I shot. Not nearly as much as him.

As we laid there, he mentioned that he hadn't cum in 3 days. Damn. I was a lucky boy. He offered me a towel to wipe off.....I merely put my t-shirt on my cumstained chest.....I think I have a new cumrag. :) Meanwhile, I also have a hot load of cum up my hole. Stuck my finger in there, it's VERY full.

Big dick and huge shooter. Damn. Lucky find....can't wait for round 3.....

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

In your experience what's the biggest dick you ever sucked?

Length wise - the 9.5" pilot. Girthwise - one of my married buds - we measured it a solid 7.5" around. HOLY FUCK - I want to try that up my hole!

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waht is the longest cock you have had, was it good?

Longest - was an airline pilot - hot fucker, about 9.5" - felt so fucking good I shot twice.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

10 minutes well spent

Checking my mail on Manhunt 30 minutes ago, I get an IM request from a buddy I havent played with in a while:

Him: You home man?
Me: Yes
Him: 10 mins? Gate code?
Me: Sure. XXXX#.
Him: Turn on porn. Unlock your door. Im gonna flood your throat.

I put on something from SX and stroked until he got here. He walked in, and his presence was immediately intoxicating for a cockhungry guy. He's 6'4" 250# and all man. He took off his scrubs, and I kneeled in front of him. As I took his growing cock down to the root, he sighed, "Fuck, I missed you."  Awwww.

It took about 5 minutes and he grabbed my head to hold me down. His entire body convulsed and he shot 8 distinct lobs of cum down my throat.

As he panted, holding the wall for support, I milked the last few drops of cum out of his quickly deflating cock. He was out the door in short order thereafter, commenting, "I'll be back soon man. Fuck. That's better than any pussy."

A total sweettalker, that married fucker.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The best part of waking up..... a cock up your butt.

Seriously, I mean, what better start to the day? This morning, I logged into A4A with my morning wood in hand. I saw a relatively cute guy with good stats: 28 yo, 6'2", 190# 32w. Blonde, with "some body hair" and 8" cut. We exchanged morning pleasantries, and then he unlocked his private picture:

Um. Yes. That looked like it was worth sitting on. He was not too far out of my way to work, and we negotiated time.

I got there at the appointed time and he answered the door in sagging shorts without a shirt. He was cuter than his pictures, and he led me up to the bedroom, where he was playing a movie from TIM. Awesome. We got naked and started making out.

His cock got hard, and as it did, it grew to one of the hottest cocks I've had the pleasure of seeing up close. It was large, thick, but not grotesque. I swallowed it down to the root and even lost my breath doing so. That's rare! We swapped head back and forth for the next 10 minutes or so - his skill decidedly above average to say the least.

We made out some more and I started to rub my crack on his cock. He kept telling me how hot I am, and all I could think was, "You have no fucking idea how hot YOU are."  I was riding him when I decided that I had to have him in me. I grabbed the gun oil and gave his cock a great massage while sucking on his tight nutt sack.

I climbed on top of him, and started making out with him as I slowly allowed his cock into my waiting hole. I only got the head in before I had to come off, get the poppers out and take a few deep huffs. While doing so, I massaged more gun oil onto his seemingly still growing cock. I got a little bit further this time, but still needed to come off of him and reapply lube before on the third try and with more help from the poppers, sitting firmly down on his cock. We made out for a minute while I held him with his balls resting against my ass. That familiar feeling of relaxation and pleasure took over, and with another huff of poppers, I started to fuck myself on his cock.

His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he kept muttering "Fuck" in astonishment. After about 5 minutes of me riding him, he wanted to spoon me. It was a tough fit, but I got him in....he stayed there for about a minute before rolling me onto my stomach and going deep. When I say deep, I know he went well beyond that second ring in my asshole. I was bucking back, he felt so fucking good.

"Please fuck my hole......" I kept pleading. He grabbed my head for leverage and abused me quite well.

"I want your cum in me....please.....dump your cum in me....." as I grabbed the pillow in front of my face.

"Fuckkkk.....don't're gonna make me......" I cried out as my cock began to twitch and shoot on his sheets.

"Im cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming........" he almost yelped as he shoved his cock down to the root and held it. I felt every.fucking.spasm. Nothing short of amazing.

We agreed that we need to go at it again. Cute guy, HOT cock, and great fuck. Awesome start to the day.....and a butt full of cum all day.....who wouldn't love THAT?

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Friday, November 12, 2010

that married guy story was amazing! what other hot encounters have you had like that with him? and how did you find him?

We originally connected on craigslist - I answered an ad he posted looking for head. I've been sucking him off once a month or so for the better part of a year now. Generally my place or his office bathroom. Once in his car behind a construction site.....

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Drive by ass

I've got a married guy who hits me up from time to time via text message. Our exchange today:

Him: 'Sup? I am.
Me: Then shouldn't I be down?
Him: Basement? 20 minutes?
Me: Sure.

I've sucked him in the basement mens room at his office before. It's private. It's off the beaten path. In other words, it's fucking awesome.

I got there before him. I went into the single stall and waited:

Me: I'm here.
Him: Bend over. Pants around your ankles when I get there.

I hadn't "prepped" for that, and he's never fucked me before. He's a typical married guy - he doesn't get sex at home, always blasts a huge nutt, and honestly, doesnt generally last all that long when I'm sucking his cock unless I edge him on purpose and control it. (Which, sometimes I do...sometimes I don't.) I had no idea what being fucked like him would be like. I couldn't have predicted what would happen next. I heard the door open, heard the lock behind him and heard his footsteps. He found me bent over the toilet, suit pants around my ankles.

I heard his zipper go down, the clink of his belt opening, and the shuffling of fabric as he opened his crotch. He has a fat, average length cock. His balls are always full, and generally pretty fucking impressive in their tight pouch. I felt him grab my hips and grind his already hard cock up and down my crack. I heard some more rustling of fabric and then felt his necktie get placed around my eyes. Fucker was blindfolding me in the mensroom. What?

"Stay right there, fucker."

Then he walked away and I heard him open, then close and lock the door. I heard 2 distinct sets of footsteps. He came back, and as he pushed his hard cock against my ass crack, I heard another guy moan, "Fuck, you weren't kidding." My buddy chuckled, and said to his friend, "Gimme that shit." I heard a bottle open, a tell tale squirt, and cold lube applied to my hole, and the squish of him stroking his cock. "You're gonna get sloppy seconds dude....." and with that, went balls deep in my hole in one stroke. No finesse. I was there to get fucked.

He grabbed my hips, being careful not to screw with my dress shirt. A considerate trick! His buddy kept egging him on, "Yeah, fuck that faggot" and in less than five minutes, I felt an open hand slap across my face, and my buddy grunted, "Take that fucking load bitch.....ughhhhh......"I could feel a few spasms, but he plowed me deep and hard as he unloaded up my gut. "Your turn," he unceremoniously announced as he pulled out in one swift movement.

His buddy pulled up behind me, as I felt my hole spasm with the sudden vacancy. Quick sniff - no scent. Just as I had finished catching my breath, I felt a DRY cock enter my WET cumchute. That's what it was being turned into. This guy grabbed my hair and fucked me like he had just gotten out of prison. At least I'm guessing that's the kind of aggression a man who hasn't pounded a hole in years would have. "Fuck, this cunt is tighter than my wife ever was....." "Yeah, I didn't know what it'd be like.....his mouth is fuckin awesome man....." I decided to up the ante, and started fucking this guy back. I felt his balls slapping against my ass as I started to play with my own hole, clenching down on his cock in opposing motion to his fucking. Pretty soon, his tempo increased......and we all know what that means.....

"Such a"

And with that my hole took its second load in less than ten minutes. He was more ginger about pulling out than my buddy - mainly because his cock was so sensitive. It had nothing to do with me. I heard a high five as I heard zippers going up. As I started to stand, I heard the door open and close, and then heard my buddy come back to retrieve his tie. I asked about his friend, and all he said was, "You'll know soon enough."

I think he has something up his sleeve.....I had an ass full of cum as I drove back to my office....I left it there all afternoon.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It's time to get a little more interactive. So, I debut my FormSpring box. There will be a Q&A after each posting to make it easier. Enjoy!

Sometimes, you just need to get fucked.

So this dude has been chatting me up on Manhunt for the past few months and his roommate is always home. Sunday night, the stars aligned and his roommate was gone.

His pictures on Manhunt were out of date, I came to find out when I got to his place. Maybe a year or so, plus about 20 pounds. I was horny, I needed to get fucked, and his pictures told me he had a better than decent dick with a nice curve. He insisted on making out.

Here's where I'll get on a soap box - and ask for some feedback. Making out during a trick. What do people think? I'm not a huge fan of it unless it feels right. Something about casual sex is that it's casual, and both parties should be into it. He was totally killing it for me by insisting on making out. There was no chemistry there for that. I was clearly not into it, but he kept eating my face. Finally, I got him moving toward the bedroom.

Once naked, the lack of gym time was clear. But, his cock - rock hard - curving up, and a drop of precum at the tip cried out for a deep throat. Who am I to deny a cock in need? I got down on my knees and swallowed his cock. I have to give him this - he knows how to fuck a skull. He grabbed me by the head and used my throat just like a cunt. It was awesome - and got me rock fucking hard.

I wanted to get fucked. The curve was back toward him, so I had him lay on his stomach and sat on his FAT cock. I took a huge huff of poppers....and felt my hole start to wrap around the head of his cock. It's that moment that makes your eyes roll into the back of your head. Everything else in the world stops and all you can think about is getting more dick in your hole. I didn't realize how sore my jaw was until I gasped as his cock went in me. Inch by inch, I felt him fill me, and stretch me. Once down on him, I started to grind, knowing that it would indicate that it was time to fuck.

He was fairly passive while on bottom, so I proceeded to fuck myself on his rigid cock. He finally spoke up and asked - meekly - if I would get on my back. Sure.....we can go there. He got his cock lined up with my hole and slowly pushed in. It felt totally eyes rolled into the back of my head and I let out a gutteral groan. He started rocking back and forth, and I finally yelped out, "Please fuck hard as you can...." And with that a good 15 minute, virtually non-stop assault on my hole began. He stopped every few minutes to huff poppers with me, and then went back to fucking. At one point, I felt things get a little more slick, but decided not to say anything....

He was sweating like we were in a sauna. He was pounding me so hard I could feel it throughout my body. I felt his intensity build again and said, "Come in my hole......again." He got this grin on his face - he had been caught. He had dumped a load already, so what was the point in not getting another? With that he took a death grip on my ankles and pounded in deep. This time I felt his cock pulse, I felt my hole get fuller, and I felt him churning his jizz in my hole. It felt fucking AWESOME.

The thing was, I was totally turned on by his cock and the way he fucks, but nothing else. I had zero desire to cum with him. I was there to get fucked, and fucked I was. My hole was puffy. I was full of cum. I didn't really need to cum. I just really needed to get fucked.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Geeky guys need a hole too

Back in the 80s, Revenge of the Nerds hit the theatres. In it, a nerd fucks the cheerleader. Afterward, in shock, she asks if all nerds are good lovers. He asserts they are, because they think about it so much.

I don't necessarily agree. I've had some fairly bad nerd-fucks. That said, I've got a guy that I've let fuck me a few times that has something about him - something that gets me off.

Rick had been out of town for about a month, and hit me up on Manhunt. He's 28, 6'2" 220# and has a goofy smile. He's hairy, and has a thick cock, a little shy of average in length. His balls are enormous and fun to play with. He lacks self-confidence, but actually has the raw material to be a fairly hot guy. Anyway, he hit me up and asked if I was in the mood to get fucked. Like he had to ask.....

45 minutes later, he's on his way over to fuck. I leave my door unlocked and am casually watching TV when he walks in. I assume a kneeling position on the bed, without saying a word, and Rick takes off his clothes and feeds me his cock. As it gets hard, he grabs my head and gives me a good skull fucking. It's interesting - he assumes a totally different persona when he's fucking around with me. I got his cock rock-hard, his balls slapping against my chin, and his two hands planted firmly on my head using my mouth like some whore's cunt. I was in heaven - my cock was rock hard. My own balls were tight. I wanted this.

He pushed me back and dove down on my cock. His oral skills are pretty decent, given his own admitted lack of regular experience. He played with my balls, and reached for the lube on the nightstand to begin playing with my hole. Rick has never eaten my hole- that would require a level of assertion he's not quite comfortable with. He moved around and got my hole good and wet with 2 of his fingers and my cock hitting his tonsils. I wanted his cock.

I grabbed the lube from him and signaled for him to give me his cock. I got it good and wet, grabbed a new bottle of poppers, and inhaled deeply. He let me guide him in. Inch by inch in pulled him into me, until his golf-ball size balls nestled on my hairy ass cheeks. His grip on my ankles was tight - so tight he was beginning to cut off my blood. Kind of hot, although not his intention.

He slowly rocked back and forth until I finally uttered, "Fuck me......please......fuck me."  Then it all changed. Rick became a man on a mission. His eyes fixed on my hairy chest, he grunted, he groaned, and for the next 10 minutes used my hole. Sweat poured off his frame onto mine, and his pace quickened. I felt my own load building, and I hadn't touched my cock. As I pled with Rick to pound me, he moaned, uttered something, and kept pounding. Before I knew it, I said, "If you keep up like're.....gonna.......ohhhhhhh  fuuuuuuucccckkkkkkk" and I began to shoot. My clenching hole threw him into a frenzy, and he assaulted my hole with new force, grunting loud enough for neighboring states to hear, and dumped a 3 day load in my hole.

What's funny about him is that immediately after cumming, he goes right back to that nerdy introvert. He got up quickly, put his clothes on, all while I was laying panting - covered in sweat, cum and full of cum up my hole.

He's not the guy I'd pick up at the bar, but damn.....he's a guaranteed good orgasm. Something about him....maybe because it's TOTALLY unexpected that he'd be a good fuck.....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I've said it once, and you'll hear similar thoughts from me - I like guys that are direct. There is a place for being coy, but it's not Manhunt, Adam4Adam or Craigslist. Tell me what you want, I'll tell you what I want. If they fit, great.

Last night, they fit.

Visiting mid-30s guy, played D2 Football in college, 6'1 210#. You could tell that he really had played ball - he had the muscle tone under about 5-10# of life. The office he was visiting in my town was a mere 2 miles away from my place. We exchanged pleasantries on MH, then moved it to text. No more than 5 minutes from the start of the conversation, I was swishing mouthwash and he was on his way over.

His pictures did him no justice. We made out immediately - me pushing him against the wall. I like exerting power against physically larger guys than me. He had mentioned on the phone that he liked making out - and he was good at it. I felt his cock grow in his business pants. One of my favorite feelings....he pushed back against my hand when I started playing with his crack. His profile had said Vers - I was prepared for anything.

We moved upstairs, where we quickly shed clothing and started making out, the headboard moving in motion with our grinding against each other. I noticed his wedding band and began to suck that finger just out of show. He mentioned that his partner was at home doing something somewhat similar. Nice. We made out, I started sucking his cock and he pushed me off, saying "You're too good at that."  Turns out he hadn't come in a few days and didnt want to shoot off without me. Considerate trick?? Awesome.

I played with his balls some until he flipped me on my back and began to Hoover my cock. He licked my balls, ate my hole, but kept coming back to my cock. Then he climbed on top of me and started making out. He was grinding my cock in his ass crack. Then he broke the kiss to spit in his hand slather my cock, and then go back to grinding. I took this as the cue to start playing with his hole.....teasing it. He moaned into the kiss, and said, "We should ....." and trailed off into a moan. As my cock pushed his hole open. Hmm.

He sat up, and promptly lowered himself to the base of my cock. Eyes rolled into the back of his head, he lamented that his partner is a bottom and he hasnt been fucked in months. I'm a giver - of course I'll pound him. He asks for lube, and I oblige.....slide back in and he goes to town. We're building up a good steam, his cock is oozing precum....and then...."Do you mind if I send my partner a picture? Of my ass getting worked over?"  Of course, I'm a giver.

My visitor took his picture, then went about getting both of us off. He truly had his own groove going - it was good, don't get me wrong - but he was all about getting him off. I felt the familiar twinge in his hole - looked up to notice his eyes roll back, and grabbed his hips. I started pounding him into oblivion - catching him off guard and cutting off his orgasm, but bringing mine markedly closer. I pounded him for a good five minutes before he felt my cock swell in his hole, leaned down and kissed me, and we both shot. I planted a thick 2 day load up his hole, he sprayed what turned out to be 4 days across my hairy chest.

He kissed me at the door and showed me the text message from his partner: "He better fuck me too." I might have to visit their city just to pound them both. :-D